Kayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Desertification, global warming, water, air and soil pollution and so forth are the environmental problems that the whole human race is facing. And among them, problems arisen from waste disposal are getting more and more serious. This crisis has to be eradicated as soon as possible.

Kayama kogyo Co.,Ltd. selects wastes and sends them out as recycled products to the market. For example, the selected wastes (plastic, wood chips, waste paper, textile dust etc.) are used to make new solid fuel material "RPF". RPF is not fossil fuel so it is an environmentally-friendly fuel material. Our disposal technology that does not dispose of the wastes just as wastes can be summed up by our catch phrase "We are a very stubborn garbage man!!

At Kayama kogyo Co., Ltd., we think that 'there is only one earth' . Therefore, to realize the preservation of our environment, we unstintingly provide the technology and knowhow that we have developed. For the sake of the future of our precious children and the environmnet around us, let's grapple with the problems togetther!

Kayama kogyo Co,. Ltd. offers management guidance for waste collection, transportation, disposal and recycling businesses.
Here in Japan's plants, people have been working on waste disposal for half a century and have been intent on improving the recycle technology each day.
Our customers come from all levels of business, such as local governments, building companies, manufactures, hospitals and service businesses.

We treat (incineration, sorting, crushing and molding) and recycle wastes from companies in many different fields and provide them as resources.
We solve our customers' environmental problems by using our time-tested waste disposal technology.
Only using the methods promoted by some 'experts' isn't enough to solve waste related environmental problems.
For example, regarding incineration, if you think that wastes can be burnt simply by incinerating them, you are very wrong!
A great deal of technical know-hou is needed, such as waste combinations, calorie calculations, maintenance of incinerators, exhaust gas treatment plants etc.

We are building a system which offers the best solutions possible for our customers by putting our new ideas based on accumulated knowledge, technology and experience together.

Knowhow of Business Establishment

Business Establishment Consulting and others

Planning Knowhow of Business plan
(Demand estimation 〜Numerical plan ->Partial changed to software)

Design supervision knowhow of facilities such as factory from the operational point of view
(〜Construction management)

Planning knowhow of operations management plan
(Organizational structure, business design and others)

Quality check of existing disposal facilities and Diagnosis knowhow
(Presentation of improvement plan of existing facilities)

Negotiation knowhow with various government offices (Japan)

Knowhow of neighbor policy (Japan)


Operations Management, knowhow of operations

Management Knowhow

・Interim Disposal Procedure Practice.
・Cost Management (Human cost, supply cost, maintenance cost, marketing cost and others )
・Move in & out management, operations management
・Human Resources Management ( Operations design & education )
・Risk Management ( accident, sanitation, environment, neighbor policy etc.)
・Quality Management
・System Management, Information Management
・Others (General affairs, Accounting, Finance etc.)

Operations knowhow in factory
(Acquisitions Work, Selection, Incinertion, Crushing, meltdown etc.)

・Efficient disposal (Machine operation, handling procedures, formation)
・Facilities, machine maintenance etc.
・Sorting and ordering
・Improvement activities
・Neighbor policy

Transportation knowhow

・Management of allocation of vehicles and transporting
・Collection business
・Transportation business, vehicle handling
・Vehicles Management and Maintenance

Knowhow to attract customers (Marketing and Sales)

・Sales activities
・System to attract customers (Web, contact function, sales tools etc.)
 ※Will be developed from now on
・Customer management
・Services Planning

Other items

・The selection and application of external player
・The examination of room for application of additional external functions
・The examination of business model of the operations assigned (Setting of skills and scope)
・The acquisition of advisable authentication and evaluation system

Mixed-Wastes Recycle System

At the Crushing & Selection plant, collected wastes are crushed and sorted.
Resources are being recycled efficiently.

selection yard

crushing machine

manual selection line

magnetic separator

2axis crushing machine

wind separator

Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel

RPF is zero-waste environmental preservation energy, mainly made from waste paper and plastic that are the ones of the most difficult materials to recycle among wastes.
First of all, the received raw materials are crushed and mixed. Then the mixture is fed by the qualitative feeder and molded by the volume reduce/molding machine to produce RPF.
※RPF (Refuse paper & Plastic Fuel)

RPF production line

crushing machine

qualitative feeder

molding machine

Incineration and Drying Facilities

Crushed and selected burnable wastes and specially-controlled industrial wastes (injection needles, gauze etc.) discarded by medical facilities (hospitals, clinics etc.) are incinerated in this incineration facility. Hot water generated when incinerating is utilized to treat construction sludge in the drying facility.
We also collect industrial air-conditioners and refrigerators (including vending machines) filled with fluorocarbons as refrigerants to recover and destruct fluorocarbons.

Boxes of medical waste

dust extractor

dryer (themal recycle)

60m³ incinerator

40m³ incinerator

Fluorescent tube crushing

At the fluorescent tube crushing plant, fluorescent tubes are crushed. Recyclables are collected and harmful substances are removed.

Fluorescent tube recycle system

First of all, metal ends of collected fluorescent tubes are cut off by fire and water and mercury is removed.
The glass part is finely crushed and recycled as glass raw material. The metal ends are recycled as metal.

Company Outline

Kayama kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Junichiro Kayama
15-5, Minami ichiban-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-city,Aichi Pref, Japan 456-0055
November 11, 1961

ISO14001 certification (EC04J0513)
OHSAS18001 certification (WC09J0015)

Proper processing


To manege our business according to the ISO environment, we have obtained ISO14001 certification in March 2005 in order to dispose of appropriately.


We appropriately analyze and manage risks associated with occupational safety and health and continuously improve our occupational safety and health management system.

GPS management

All the transportation vehicles in our company are equipped with GPS. We can trace the flow of the collection anytime and implement thorough management.

Internet camera

In addition, in order to let our customers know about our disposal operations, we have cameras setup in each plant and the operations are is being published on the internet.

Environmental Efforts

Support for the Social Action Program Aiming to Reduce CO2 Emissions.

We donate part of our profits through waste disposal to the tree-planting program and promote humanitarian support in Indonesia.

Effective Utilization of Natural Energy

3 small but significant wind turbines are installed on the roof of RPF plant. The electricity from this wind power generation system is used for night-time illumination and contributing to reduce the amount of CO2.

Basic Principles

Kayama kogyo Co.,Ltd. recognizes environmental preservation for the next generation as the greatest responsibility, strives to recycle wastes in every aspect of business activities and to research and develop environmentally-friendly disposal technologies and contributes to the local communities. We also strive to ensure health and safety through occupational seafety and heath-conscious activities with the cooperation of all the employees to create pleasant work environment.

Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Policies

1. We, all of the staff, develop, implement and continuously improve our environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard and occupational safety and health management system based on the OHASAS 18001 standard in our waste disposal and recycling business.

2. We strive to prevent environmental pollution, work-related accidents and health disorders resulting from our business activities, products and services. We comply with laws and regulations applicable to our environmental and occupational safety and health aspects and other requirements that we agree with.

3. We take up the following items as priority issues from environmental impacts and occupational safety and health risks resluting from our business activities, products and services, establish environmental objectives and targets and occupational safety and health targets and periodically review them.

1) To increase the receiving volume of wastes.
2) To increase the recycling rates of wastes.
3) To increase the shipping volume of RPF.
4) To reduce occupational safety risks to the Plant and Administrative Departments.
5) To strive workers' health enhancement.

4. We actively participate in environmental volunteer activities, improve workers' safety awareness by promoting hazard prediction activities and enhance qualified workers. These policies are documented, publicly available and notified to all of our workers and business partners to enhance environmental awareness and improve occupational safety and health activities.